Role of EE&REM in Delhi (or Delhi NEDA) for rooftop solar

The State Nodal Agency (SNA) shall facilitate the Eligible Entities in implementing the solar plant to provide single-­‐window services to all Eligible Entities and undertake following activities:

i. Announcement of solar policy, amendments, and related schemes

The SNA shall take the lead in launching this Solar Energy Policy to the public through the use of media, PR, billboards, advertisements, websites, and more. It will also communicate amendments to the Policy to major stakeholders via its website and/or other means.

ii. Allotment of the solar power capacities
The SNA shall, from time to time, undertake the process for allotment of solar power capacities under various State and Central Government schemes on a first-­‐come-­‐first-­‐ served basis and in a transparent manner to the DISCOMS and other project developers.

iii. Facilitation in development of solar projects
The SNA shall assist solar project developers in obtaining all necessary clearances and approvals from different Government departments.

iv. Support in establishing protocols/procedures for easy adoption of solar power
The SNA shall also support the DISCOMS in developing the protocols and procedures for easy adoption of solar plants by consumers. The SNA shall be responsible for managing all transactions and accounting processes relating to net metering and Group Net Metering.

v. Maintain a website for consumers interested in Rooftop Solar
The SNA shall develop and maintain a website with educational material and other necessary resources for potential consumers in Delhi. The website shall have information such as an up-­‐to-­‐date list of contacts to get started, current incentive schemes, resources for finding financial loans, solar integrators and service providers, and other information to promote education and awareness among consumers.

vi. Identification of Sites for Deployment of Rooftop Solar Power Plants
The SNA shall assist project developers in identifying the technically feasible sites/roofs under jurisdiction of the State Government for deployment of solar plants. The SNA shall also encourage deployment of solar plants on sites under the jurisdiction of private institutions/buildings that are not mandated as per this Policy.

The SNA will play a key role in the aggregation of potential rooftop projects, and provide guidelines to nominated state agency doing technical and commercial assessment of competitive bids by private entities. The SNA may also appoint an external commercial party to fulfill the role of the aggregator.

vii. Management of the Green Fund and Disbursement of the GBI
The SNA will manage the Green Fund and disburse the GBI as provided for in this Policy.

viii. Support in availing Subsidies
The SNA will pass on any subsidies available through the Central Government (MNRE) to consumers, integrators, and other solar developers in the State, as applicable.

ix. Amendment in Bylaws
The SNA shall notify and coordinate with the Housing and Urban Planning Department to obtain necessary amendments in the building bylaws, as outlined in 13.10, to facilitate extensive adoption of solar plants.

x. Capacity Building, Awareness Creation, Green Fund Management
The SNA shall oversee the creation and utilization of a Solar Green Fund in Delhi, which may utilize the Air Ambience Fund established by the State of Delhi. The fund so created shall be utilized for GBI incentive payments, organizing capacity building and training programs, creating public awareness and other activities deemed necessary for the promotion and faster implementation of solar plants in the State.

xi. Budgetary Support
To help achieve the targets in this Policy, the SNA, working with DISCOMS and/or other entities, shall undertake assessment of solar potential and project costs for public buildings and submit them to the State Government for budgetary support, as necessary.

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