Generation Based Incentive (GBI) under Delhi Solar Policy

Delhi will offer a limited time GBI for net metered connections in the domestic/residential segment only. This GBI will reduce payback time and increase adoption. A GBI of INR 2.00 per unit (kWh) of gross solar energy generated is proposed for 3 years, starting from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2018.

GBI will be paid on a first-­‐come-­‐first-­‐served basis until the funds earmarked for GBI run out. The minimum eligibility criteria for GBI will be 1,000 solar energy units (kWh) generated per annum For solar plants that generate less than 1,000 units (kWh) a year, the GBI facility will not apply. The annual solar energy generation that is eligible for GBI shall be capped at 1,500 kWh per kWp, irrespective of the readings of the solar generation meter.

The funds for the disbursement of GBI shall come from a Green Fund established by the State of Delhi for promoting solar energy. The SNA will be responsible for managing this Green Fund.

Consumers who wish to avail of the GBI facility shall install a solar energy generation meter as provided for in article 18 of this Policy. The GBI will be based on solar meter readings taken by the DISCOM, which the DISCOM shall send to the SNA within 15 days from the date of the reading. The SNA will transfer the GBI payment directly to the bank account of the consumer annually on or before the 15th of April of the financial year following the financial year during which the solar energy has been generated.

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