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End-to-end services

Site appraisal

We provide a no commitment site appraisal to assess the best system for you. We explain the benefits of solar.

Design and Engineering

Once the financial terms are finalized, we design and engineer the system using state-of-the-art equipment.

Installation, net-metering

Our team will come with all the equipment to install the solar PV system. We test it thoroughly before handing over!

Regular maintenance

We monitor the working of your installation, provide regular service and ensure that you get a full uptime.

What equipment will you get?


Delhi Solar's parent company, Loop Solar, is dealer and distributor for Tier 1 solar panel brands such as Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Vikram Solar, Waaree Energies, Adani Solar, Jakson Solar, Jinko Solar, GCL Poly, REC Solar, Hanwha Solar and LG Solar.

Loop Solar also stocks and supplies, Tier-I solar inverter brands such as Delta Electronics, SMA Solar, ABB Solar, Zever Solar, SolarEdge, Fronius, Growatt and Consul Neowatt.

Our construction quality


We let our existing projects and construction quality speak for itself. Given our local presence, we take quality and project performance very seriously. We believe that our work is perhaps better than most pan-India solar installers.

How solar works

Grid tied net metering system in Delhi schema

Grid-tied solar power systems with net-metering

  • Grid-tied solar power systems with net-metering is the most common type of system for most power consumers in Delhi
  • In grid-tied systems, solar power is always given preference over both grid and diesel genset. An intelligent solar inverter ensures that solar is first fully utilized and then remaining power requirement is drawn from the grid or diesel generator
  • In the Indian context, even if there are power cuts but the diesel generator has to run throughout the day to meet critical loads, this type system becomes the most viable. It saves on both electricity cost and diesel bills
  • Most systems being installed in Delhi are also of this type.
  • This system is just connected to the mains (LT Panel) and becomes a seamless part of the grid.
  • When solar generation is more than the consumption, excess power is exported to the grid. This exported power can be re-used when the solar power generation is lesser than the consumption in the premises.
  • Savings from the system lead to a payback period of up to 5 years. After that, you get free power for 15 more years.
  • For Delhi, we recommend this type of system for all customers.
  • It is important to note that this type of system will not run if the grid is down and the diesel generator is also not running.
  • Subsidy based rooftop projects need to use 'Made in India' modules, we prefer to use - Adani Solar, Vikram Solar and Waaree Solar.

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